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Selling my 2018/19 Kokopelli Self-Bailing Nirvana packraft. It is in excellent condition, as the only real usage of it was a multi-day trip down the length of the Yakima River, which the raft handled quite well. The raft is rated for up to class III whitewater. It packs down very small and weighs under 10 pounds, making it a great boat for backpacking and hiking into alpine lakes. It is the model with the optional TiZip, which enables the tubes of the raft to be filled with gear, making overnight trips easy. Included are several extra add-ons, including a mesh bag to store and transport the raft, a 4-piece kayak paddle that breaks down small for backpacking, a TRiB aircap, which has a solar panel to show the PSI of the raft, and the feather pump, a tiny electric pump that inflates the raft in under a minute.
Included in the sale:
Kokopelli Nirvana Self-Bailing w/ TiZip Storage (raft, inflatable floor/seat, backrest, patch kit)
Werner Skagit 4-piece Paddle
Kokopelli Animas River Bag
TRiB Aircap
Electric Kokopelli Feather Pump
Inflating Bag
Inflating Tube

Prefer local pickup in North Seattle
Price: $1,200


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