Wish they'd prosecute them like in BC -take all their gear and the vehicle as well as fines and fishing bans. These aren't starving methheads, just entitled jerks that think they can do whatever the want once they're alone in the woods. And fear of prosecution works better when they have more to lose-


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More poachers.....

"Warren, 31, was sentenced Wednesday to three years of federal probation and 40 hours of community service after illegally taking bull trout from the Metolius River during a fishing trip in 2017. He also must pay a $1,000 fine and is banned from fishing for three years."..?

What a load of crap. This guy deserves to be thrown in jail for 3 years not probation for 3 years..!! Where is there any deterrence shown by mere probation. That's just a slap on the wrist, the sentence doesn't fit the crime and needs to be stiffened up. "Banned from fishing for three years"..? The guy got caught poaching, you think he gives a damn whether he's fishing legally or not..!! These sworn in judges need to be removed from office if they can't do their elected jobs any better then this. How do these judges ever get elected into office when they hand out such deplorable sentences..? Crime is running rampant because of these judges..!! Just my .02
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Ian Horning

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Just a reminder on the poaching front..... that folks have salmon on the brain out here right now, and there's tons of folks out fishing whether the rivers are closed or not! If you see some poaching or illegal fishing, please take adequate measures to address the situation... either through education, or a quick call to the authorities, depending on the situation.

As it currently stands the Snohomish is open from August 23-September 19 for salmon retention. Daily limit is four salmon (Pinks, and hatchery coho ONLY!)

The Stillaguamish opens September first and is Catch and Release for EVERYTHING except hatchery steelhead (September 16 to Nov 15) and trout (14" size limit, from Dec. 1st to Jan 31st ONLY). The lower forks open the 16th of September.

The Skagit is open August 14-Oct 15 for pink salmon retention- daily limit 4. In addition, the Skagit opens September 1st for coho retention, which can be 2 fish of your daily 4 salmon limit... non-discriminatory on hatchery or wild fish. Release chinook and chum.

The Nooksack opens August 1st- December 1st for the targeting of Pinks and Coho. This one gets a bit hairy- daily limit is two salmon, plus two additional pinks, two additional hatchery coho or one of each. The way I read it, daily limit is four salmon, only two of which may be wild coho.
The forks open October 1st for the targeting of salmon. The North Fork, daily limit is two coho plus two additional hatchery coho. The South Fork, daily limit is two plus four additional hatchery coho. If you happen to run into hatchery chinook between August 1 and October 15, you may keep them in the Mainstem and South Forks when the respective sections of river are open.

The Puyallup opens Aug 16-Nov 30 for a daily limit of four salmon, only two of which can be chinook or coho, or one of each. Release wild chinook and chum.

The Green/Duwamish river opens from Sept. 16-Dec 31 for a daily limit of three salmon of any combination of adult coho and chum. Release all chinook.

Feel free to insert more river regulations here. Or update these, or correct them if I mistyped something.

There's a lot of changes made to the regs this year... lots of folks are either unaware or just don't care. We need advocacy and enforcement on our waters! Please help be part of the solution!


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In fact, I just got an email from one at WSC! He is proclaiming that he is not fishing this year! Incredible conservation effort!

Meanwhile many of us have made the same fucking decision quietly and without fanfare. What is WSC, WFC, or CCA going to do to help? The same thing they’ve been doing for the last ten years. Oh, what a help it has been.
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I’ve been to the banquets, the feel good crowd is a real phenomenon.

I sort of agree. The folks who get most of the credit are the ones pulling out their check books. The ones doing the actual work are often disposable and replaceable.

It is just basic economics, but it saddens me that the haves will always be able to buy their way to goodness when there are so many “nameless” folks sacrificing their lives, blood, sweat, and tears to the effort.

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