FS FS: Line dump

Up for grabs Scandi & Skagit lines:
Nextcast FF 7/8 42.5' ft. 575gr. SOLD
Scientific Anglers Ultimate Scandi Taper 8/9 F/H/S3 36.5' ft. 510gr. SOLD
Beaulah Elixir Spey 32' ft. 450 gr. SOLD
RIO Skagit Max 23' ft. 525 gr. $20 (rear loop damaged & replaced with nail knot).
Airflo Rage compact 29' ft. 420 gr. SOLD IMG_3239.JPG

All lines in good condition & ready to be fished. Happy to answer any questions.
Price includes shipping in lower 48.
Open to trades for:
Airflo Skagit Scout 180
Any trout spey Skagit shooting head 350-375
Airflo Rage 510
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