June is the best


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Looks primo. What's your camera set-up on the water? Specifically looking at the brown trout photo from post #15.


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@Swimmy - I warmed up that spot for you a month ago ;).

Our place is about ~10 minutes downriver from you. Will be there next in July if you want to pop by.


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Yeah this spot's bad ass.


I shoot with Nikon D500 with a various assortment of lenses. I'm still learning but I love it.
Another beautiful spot. How is it no one else is there, in Oregon, that would have campers all over it.

Nice camera setup, you get some nice shots (the spot on the left of #31 looks like dust on your sensor).



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Yeah, Im kind of blown away with how empty it is. Down here, you have to hike in 8 miles to have no other campers near you. And yet still, you expect some.


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I don’t get it... what am I missing?
Sasquatch spey casting hooked up to an Atlantic Salmon. You obviously have very limited powers of observation.

Edit: - I forgot to mention swimmy skinny dipping, top left corner.


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Honest question. Do you work? You working remotely off your satellite?
Not being sarcastic or having a hidden agenda.
I work remotely in normal times (been doing it for 6-7 years), but I have a 3 year old so I can't really post up all over the place on a whim (even though I wish I could)
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