June is the best


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Cold ass night. Pretty hard freeze and I probably burned up all of my propane.

But today should be spectacular.



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You're just gonna put that picture (of a duck inside your boat) up for everyone to see and that's it? No explanation?

Mysterious. I like it.


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FIFY Nick ... ;)

June is cool, but out here give me Sept, Oct, Nov in that order.

September offers everything I love about fishing saltwater. Tuna, deep water bottomfish, coho, sea run cutthroat, still some chinook around. Not to mention the possibility of hooking blue water species like striped marlin, opah, mako shark, dorado, yellow tail, and yes, bluefin tuna that can weigh as much as a yearling elk. Doesn't matter how unlikely those encounters might be - just knowing they are out there, changes the entire offshore experience.

Nice pics. Definitely a beautiful area you live in.

Hell yeah, September rocks! When I was dating my wife she was wisely "evaluating" my fishing habits/priorities to get an idea when I might be pre-occupied. I told her there was usually something to chase all year long, but if I could only fish one month in the PNW, it would be September. No question.

And agreed on that last part. As much as I like to give Swimmy crap about Montana, it is a beautiful part of the world. Also, I might not be much of a trout fisher, but gotta admit there's something about foam lines on a fresh running, clear, yet stained river - that makes me want to string up a trout rod. Someday I might actually own one .
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