Eastside report (Rocky Ford, Dry Falls, Quincy, & Cooper)


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I was in the Moses Lake area for a few days so decided to hit some local water around there and on the way back to the West side.

Rocky Ford: Really low water with a lot of floating vegetation drifting downstream. I saw a lot less fish in the water than what I have experienced in the past. Lots of people fishing (expected for a holiday weekend). Scuds as expected worked best. Personally, I won't fish it again until probably fall if then.

Quincy Lake: First time fishing Quincy lake. Lots of people around. Lake was shallow so a type 5 full sinking really struggled as I was constantly cleaning my fly. I would recommend a type III or intermediate sink. Some decent fish to hand with plenty of fish working the surface. A damsel worked for me.

Dry Falls: First time fishing Dry Falls. I love the location. Three of us fished for a couple of hours. We threw everything we had at them but couldn't catch a fish (chironomids, nymphs, damsels, buggers, bait fish, etc). We saw plenty of fishing working but couldn't zero in on something that would work. We talked to a few others and they also struggled. We will be back though.

Cooper Lake: Decided to hit Cooper lake on the way back over the mountains. First time fishing Cooper lake above Cle Elum. Some snow still on the sides of the road and the edges of the lake but no problem with getting there. The boat launch is still closed but plenty of places to launch a float tube (or kayak). The lake is absolutely gorgeous. The water still has a chill to it as the fresh snow melt is keeping the temperature down. Fishing was slow for us but we didn't mind. We are looking forward to fishing this one again.



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It was blowing a little but not bad (especially if you stay near the edges). Also, it's about 10 degrees cooler than Cle Elum (if not more) which made the temp perfect.

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