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Hey all, I'm new to the group and have a question I hope you can help with.

I found this Sage rod in my father in laws garage are he passed. It appears unused and in pristine condition. It has a Sage tube and what seems like the original sock.

I'm not familiar with fly fishing and dont know if this carries any value or not.

It says it's a 590 DS and has 2 pieces


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That is a Discovery series model which is a good entry level rod and in a 5 wt will make someone happy as it is a very forgiving flex ..... good find


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I've never owned or cast a Sage rod but this article implies it's worth something.
"a helpful clerk at Aspen Sports estimated its retail price when it was new at $300 to $350. " The helpful clerk was misinformed. The DS was Sage's entry level rod. It was a great value but around $200 in the 90's. I imagine you could still sell a mint condition one for that today.

Steve Saville

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I've been a Sage buyer for years. The DS was , in fact, a mid-level rod for folks who wanted a Sage but didn't want to unload $400+. It is older technology. They are okay beginning rods and since it is a 2 piece, the value would be somewhat less since they aren't as desirable as a 3 or 4 piece. I would imagine you might get $150 or $200 tops even though it is in great condition. Someone will buy it.

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I have a DS 2 in a 6wt. But it's a 4 piece rod. Can sling a lot of line out with that rod. I traded a 4wt St Croix for it I got the better trade out of that.

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