Memorial Weekend 2021


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Pt 1:
I tried to start this thread several times, and the words wouldn't come out right each time, which isn't like me. Maybe I feel guilty for having such a great weekend on such a solemn occasion. It's not like I don't appreciate what our vets have done, and we bring flowers every year to our fallen family members.
But the weather finally shaped up, and the wind let up. I had to work in Bridgeport Friday, so I made plans to meet my wife at Omak Lake after we both got off around 4:00. I got there a little before her, which was lucky, because it took me nearly an hour to figure out what they wanted. I did sight fish one with a damsel, but it was obvious they weren't too excited. I started seeing small dark mayflies emerging, which prompted a change to a #14 PT. It was non stop after that. Fishing under and indicator, on foot, I was getting a fish almost every cast. I landed fifteen before my wife showed up(average 18 inches). I rigged her up and she was off and running right out of the gate! She ended up with around ten before we left, with one around 30 inches straightening her hook out. She went home, and I decided to finish the night on a largemouth lake I haven't fished since before covid. Using a deer hair popper, I nailed six largemouth in the last hour of light. All between 2-3 pounds, nothing better than average. But it was exciting getting bass explosions on top again, and there are hawgs in there that will get my attention at a later date. IMG_20210529_011813_003.jpg PXL_20210528_223042564.MP.jpg


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Pt 2:
Saturday was spent doing yard work(my in-laws as well as our own). There was no fishing involved, but flowers were layed at graves.
I had to run up to my Dad's Sunday, who just happens to live on on of my favorite lakes. He was out of town, so I had to feed his animals. Just fishing off our dock, I landed six brookies in one hour. The smallest at fifteen inches, the largest at eighteen. I had to go deep with leeches, but that is what they're eating. If you jumped off our dock and swam right now, you'd be coming out of the lake with two or three leeches stuck to you. My wife and I tried some smallmouth fishing on Rosey, but only landed one before heading to my father in-laws BBQ. He's a veteran, and likes to have a get together every year.

PXL_20210530_192754973.MP.jpg PXL_20210530_220120730.MP.jpg


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Pt 3:
Monday, I headed up into the hills. It's my happy place, and the creeks I like just opened up Sat. I jumped around to my favorite spots for awhile, without much luck. I landed a few 12 inch brookies, and more pikeminnow than in the past. I put some miles on the boots, but couldn't find anything near as good as last year. I did spook a decent bow, but that was it. I opted to go back to the bottom lake and work my way to the top, just fishing from shore until I hit the big lake. Then I'd throw my pontoon in.
It was a good call. I sight fished several nice brookies along the shorelines with subsurface damsels, and hooked and lost a brookie that was around twenty inches. The biggest I've seen in that lake, by far!
I finally made it to my main attraction, my true happy place, even if she can be a fickle b*#$h!
Most people just hook up on the rainbows, I like to target browns and tigers. I thought she'd skunk me yesterday, but I ended up with two browns, three lost tigers, and I few epic dry damsel eats that I completely missed (or the fish did). I would have stuck around longer, but a big storm looked like it was about to break overhead from Canada, so I hightailed it to Omak lake. I put another six or seven fish in the net there, before finishing my trip home at one of my favorite spots on Rufus Woods. I landed another half dozen good bows that were keyed in on caddis that materialized out of nowhere with the heat wave. PXL_20210531_204801200.jpg PXL_20210531_221019103.jpg PXL_20210601_030150415.MP.jpg


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My wife and I had a camping night last weekend. Didn't bother fishing without my chicken to tow the boat behind the camper.
Good two days of paddleboarding and mountain biking. Scouted some future bass water.
Early morning the lake was like glass, nice views of The Bob. 20210531_080716.jpg

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