NFR Teen wrestles bear

Mark Melton

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We've had grey fox and bobcat go across on the fence in back of our house. I think I would just let this gal and her cubs walk on by.


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Incredibly stupid move on her part, that bear could have easily attacked her if it had seen her a second quicker.
Brave is a word I would've have used but with stupid I have to agree. Brings back to me of visions of YNP tourists..


I love my dog. I probably would have tried the same if a bear was grabbing my dog.

Otherwise, I pretty much let bear wander around as they like. I've been around a lot of black bear and even a sow with cubs.... they are not normally aggressive and can be easily scared off.
The dog was the part of the equation that changed the reaction.

She mentions in the article that she does not suggest you go around pushing on bear. She was protecting her dog and was most likely a reaction more than much else.


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Lots of bear encounter stories lately. We got a bumper crop of bears lately or something? Just read about a Colorado man who found one in his garage the other night. Of course maybe he shouldn't have left the garage door open.


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That just looked like two mama bears acting appropriately to me. Bear protecting cubs from dogs, human protecting dogs from bear. If that bear was actually interested in having a dog for dinner the outcome would have been different most likely.

Crazy the things we do for our dogs though. Can’t say I would have reacted with a push. With no other options at hand, I’d likely have resulted in throwing something at the bear before a physical confrontation!

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