FS TFO Pro II Two Handed with Head and Tips

For sale awesome buttery rod with perfectly balanced Head and Tips. 11'6" 7/8 Weight rod 450-650 grain window. I love this rod so much I have two. It is my backup to my Pieroway Renegade 8 and sometimes I have to look down to see which I am fishing. This one has only been on one float and not fished. This rod is a buttery smooth medium fast action progressive taper that throws short skagits and scandis with minimal effort. This is a short spey rod not a switch rod. Comes with perfectly balance 400 grain OPST Commando Groove, 10' of T-10, T-14, and two 12.5' OPST tips (132 grain S5/S6 AND S8/S9) . The head has not been fished. Also own two of them and this one not fished. The only tip that was fished is the T-10 and a small piece of coating has come off loop but still good or reweld. The other tips are brand new. Also comes with head and tip wallet to hold all. TFO has best warranty in the business in my opinion. Comes with sock and tube. $460 worth of goods, selling for $280 shipped in US and insured.

Thank you,




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