NFR Had to put my 17 year old Lab-Doxin-Chow mix to sleep yesterday

Greg Price

Love da little fishies
Ouch, this strikes the heart. We also just had to put down our Lab of 14 years. We were able to have an in home euthanasia done in February. The house feels emptier not hearing her nails on the hard wood floor.
So sorry for your loss, it is a very tough thing to have to go thru.
RIP Marley
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Marley was a hansome boy. I love the way he looked like he was smiling in the pic

Greg Price

Love da little fishies
Thank you, she was!!
ALL of my animals are rescues, lost souls or those that just wander onto our property (cats!). Even my barn cats are adopted ferals from South County Cats.
I agree, they know they have been given a second chance and give you their everything!! We still have Hank, who some have seen on Awesome dogs of WFF. He came from a homeless addict at a gas station! When hearts heal we will look for a new friend
Hank is lucky to have you snd you are lucky to have Hank in your life. Here is to hoping your healing Time is months rather than years
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