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I don’t put a ton into cooking when I use my trailer. We tend to keep it pretty simple. Partly because it’s lot to lug along and partly because I hate cooking inside the trailer (smells linger forever). We also try to keep the meal/ cleanup time to a minimum. We usually have fun things to do after we eat (fishing, beach walk, sit by the fire, etc.) so having to clean up a huge mess is annoying. I cook nearly everything outside on a little Weber Q 2200 which is
doable with only two people.

Chicken/fish fajitas w/ chips and guacomole
Chicken/salmon Caesar salads
Chicken/fish w grilled corn or asparagus
Turkey/veggie burgers w/ chips
Bagels w/ cream cheese
Turkey/tuna sandwiches
Eggs and toast
Pre-made Muffins
Lots of good coffee!
Maybe a couple of bottles of wine and some decent beer ;).

My wife is also a pescatarian so no steaks, bacon, sausage, etc.. which limits what we cook.

In the end, everything taste better when eaten outside. Especially in a lot of the places you camp. Can’t beat that ambiance!
I couldn't agree more! Everything is better when your cooking/eating outside when camping and spending to much time cleaning is awful! I'm not what you would call a good cook (maybe not even a cook) but, meal prep is my answer when camping. Having meals and severing ready to warm up makes life simpler and gives you more time enjoying the outdoors.

One favorite that we've been doing is the dehydrated mash potato packages. Handful of different flavors, easy to make, fills you up and does not take a lot of space.



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I always do a pre-cooked chili for the first night .... easy to share for bigger groups and little prep while you be doing camp set-up etc....


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I vacuum seal and freeze as much as I can.

Meat = Steak, Pork Loin Chops, Chicken boobies, Boneless Pork Ribs. I do the same as @Buzzy, with whatever I plan for dinner the next evening coming out of the freezer and into the fridge to unfreeze. The key is to take out your next day choice from the freezer when you are preparing today's meal.

Side dish = Baked beans, veggies, also vacuum sealed and frozen. I keep a large pot on top the range filled about half way with water. Do the same as with the meat defrosting my side dish overnight. Pop the sealed bag into a pan of not quite boiling water for about 20 minutes. Cut the top off the sealed bag and let the contents flow onto your plate. Don't throw out the water! You can use it for preparing the next night's side dish, unless your vacuum seal bag happens to rupture.

Lunch = Sando's. Freeze the meat and be sure to defrost in the fridge for the next day.

Breakfast = Egg sandwich, Breakfast Egg&Potato Burrito. Again seal and freeze after cooking.
The egg sandwich goes on a buttermilk biscuit. The Egg gets cooked in a glass custard cup in the microwave and then frozen. Almost the same routine with the items defrosted in the fridge. However the egg portion is heated in a 300 degree oven for 25 minutes. The biscuit doesn't need heating but you can in the oven if desired. Put the biscuit in the oven for the last 5 minutes with the egg.
The breakfast burrito is defrosted overnight and put into the hot water pan the next morning. The burrito fixings are put on a whole wheat tortilla shell along with sour cream, Mexi-cheese, and salsa. You can heat the shell and additions in the oven for 5 minutes at 300 degrees.

All meals can be served on a heavy duty paper plate that makes for a great fire starter. You can also serve on a Corelle dish/bowl for a more elegant(?) meal.
Don't use the Corelle in a campfire:eek:

The vacuum sealed bags take up hardly any space in the garbage recepticle. Very little clean up and maximizes your time for fishing or libations around the campfire!

With a little creativity you can seal and freeze a lot of meal items!
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I like to sous vide up various meals before hand (all sorts of meats & veggies). It cuts down the prep and cook time on site and the food is delicious. Vacuum sealer comes in handy with that method of cooking.


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Yeah this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks everyone for helping out.


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When the group I travel with go on a trip, we precook and freeze most of your dinners. The night before, the meal comes out of the freezer for reheating. Fresh salads, pasta or rice with the thawed meal.
X2 on the precook, freeze and a nice bottle of wine for your trip. Camping and cooking is a lot of fun but ya don't need to be slaving over a fire unless that's what you like to do. After your meal enjoy the sunset and your surroundings with a glass of wine..


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Years ago, our guide made this egg dish in Alaska and it's been a long standing favorite:

Ingredients are in bold:

In a 10" or 12" skillet or cast iron fry pan:
Brown a tube of Jimmy Dean Sausage, remove from the pan & set aside
Fry up some diced potatoes or frozen hash browns in the sausage grease, enough to cover the bottom of the pan about an inch deep.
Crack a dozen eggs, stir like you're going to scramble them and add to the skillet.
Add the cooked sausage to the eggs and swirl around so it's more or less evenly distributed.
Cover the fry pan with a paper plate, reduce heat and simmer.
Melt some cheese slices to the top when the eggs are done.
If you like it spicy, add some sliced jalepenos on top with the cheese.

Slice like a pie and serve.

The way it cooks, there is almost no clean up. Actually, there is no clean up unless there are ladies present.
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Pre-made breakfast burritos - hash browns, onions, red peppers, bacon bits, eggs, cheese (or whatever fillings you like. Line up foil on the counter and spray lightly with olive oil. Fill tortillas and put cheese on top. Fold burrito, making them relatively thin. Double wrap foil and freeze. At camp heat up the BBQ and heat 5 to 7 minutes each side (you’ll have to calibrate to your grill). Unwrap from foil and enjoy. We like them on the Deschutes after fishing at first light and as we are breaking camp to head to the next spot. This is the last batch of 12 that I made a few weeks ago.


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If you don’t feel like making things like lasagna at home that you can reheat while camping, Costco has some options. They also have precooked ribs, chickens etc.

I’d add brats. A brat or two with good mustard and sauerkraut always tastes good after a day of fishing. I like the jalapeño cheddar brats.

A rotisserie chicken from your local grocery store can go a long ways plus supply meat for tacos, sandwiches etc.

You can by stuffed chicken breast at most grocery store meat counters.

Two of my favorites, though most will gag.
Liver with onion and bacon.
BBQ’d chicken livers with onions and bell peppers over rice.

Potato, pea or macaroni salad from your local grocery deli. Four bean salad or pickled asparagus if you like things with vinegar.

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Change up yer fajita game with flank steak! It needs to marinate a long time to tenderize. In the AM, I put it in a ziplock with with lots of quality red or green salsa. Seal it and in the frig all day. Then slice up onions, peppers, etc. Grill it to rare. Good eats.
There’s a thread around somewhere around here that recommends treating meat with baking soda. Velvetizing the meat. Tried it out on pork, chicken, and 3 cuts of meat. It is $$$$$$$. (Money)

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I have recently smoked a pork butt on the green egg and it was good for several days and just zip lock it up in bags and use it either for sandwiches sliced, pulled pork, or in omlets or just snacking. It takes about 7 hours or so to do it but its several days of food and mix it up and about. It went fast and it can be meals of different things.

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