SFR: Camper brothers and sisters, I need help

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Try the baking soda tenderizer trick
It works
Now my go-to for fajitas, Philly cheesesteak, any Asian dish, carne asada, pork, all of these type dishes


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I like a marinated Lamb leg, grilled the first night, then gyros for lunches and egg dishes for breakfast..Risotto is a good side dish here, either pre made and reheated, or just a few packages of Alessi will do fine...good in eggs with lamb all scrambled up.

A nice Brunello helps out too, but been known to have a Syrah instead....usually for dinner, but lunch is fine too.
Either way, grilled lamb leg will keep ya eating good for a few days.
Be sure to grab some feta and pitas, along with some tzatziki or Karam garlic sauce too....
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I'm a fan of Aidell's chicken sausages for camping.
They are pre-cooked, so no worries about under cooking - although I like to grill them to get some char or cut up and throw on skillet.

Can be eaten on a bun (like hot dog) if you're in a hurry, or chopped up to add protein supplement:
The Italian goes great with noodle of choice (I'm an angel hair guy) and pasta sauce of choice.
The chicken and apple is my go to protein booster for salads - add some walnuts, apple slices, bleu cheese and arugula, etc. The chicken apple is also great when mixed in with scrambled eggs.
The pineapple and bacon is great on a bun with cream cheese and bacon and grilled onions (seattle dog style).
The cajun goes great with rice and shrimp (Jambalaya).

Also gotta have some cow:
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Go to seasoning combo:
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My wife and I love the cabins where you are…


I cook this a lot and it works on an open fire. A meat thermometer is a big help in keeping it rare. The next day, it's roast beef sandwiches. I put the rub on and then freeze the roast in a gallon ziplock. Will last in a cooler for quite a while.

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