Here and there, Cutthroat edition


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It's been a while since I've posted any of the going ons at the Ranch. Between Mothers Day and Memorial Day we held yet another Spring Fling. This year we were able to assemble folks who missed the last two due to C19. Tim came in from Cleveland and Steve from Cody. We were also thrilled to have a new member to the gang, @Freestone. One of our favorite lakes is one that holds Lahontans. It usually produces well and this visit was no exception. I'm always fascinated by the variation in coloring on the Cutties. Some deeply colored and vibrant red and green, others dime bright. The most fun comes from seeing if a hatch will bring them up and start slurping. They didn't disappoint. I picked a couple up on a dry and got them to the net. At one point Sue shared that she got out of the Watermaster and started picking them off from shore. Steve packed a couple of beers and lunch in his cooler for us. That was the only pause from fishing. Back at the ranch Ive did his usual culinary wizardry on the Blackstone and we all pigged out. IMG_4753.jpeg IMG_4812.jpeg IMG_4800.jpeg IMG_4805.jpeg IMG_4803.jpeg IMG_4741.jpeg 25596601-2D74-4CF2-9B92-79745E5A6D80.jpeg
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Thank you @Roper - this report really stoked me to bring back more stillwater trout into my life. And enjoy a frosty cold snack with grilling....

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