Break ins on the Cedar


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Nope. It is the only place I fish, when it is open. I fished it last Friday and Sunday.

Funnily enough, due to private land access, it is the one place I can go where I know my car won't get damaged. If it weren't for that though, I would probably never fish it.

Nice! I've fished it a lot since opening day this year. A LOT. And I love it.

I get some of the complaints... but holy shit people its an urban river in a major city, just make smart choices and quit the 25 page threads complaining about the government and whatever other random BS y'all need bitch about on the internet. Go fish, do good, be nice, and don't hurt nobody.


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Look people, the cedar is simply the most hardcore river in the NW. You need to be hard AF and come correct if you plan to fish the cedar. If you haven't made a living robbing drug dealers at some point, the cedar just isn't for you.

There's always the Yak, Hoh, or Montana if you want that country club experience.

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