FS $$$OLD!!! SAGE RPL 590-2 Fly Rod

Sage RPL 590-2

Rod is in exceptional condition, showing only light signs of use. Cork looks new. Comes with original sock and tube (cap does say 590 DS). Buttery smooth medium-fast action. A true classic!!!
Price is shipped CONUS with PayPal G&S. PM for questions / payment info.
D6528802-3EC8-4088-9D00-A6F952F1B39C.jpeg 3AEB6D68-5212-4DDB-B8BE-051C0D390D06.jpeg 17E53E3A-EF47-4018-BE4F-FA2DE4577A9B.jpeg 05FAD297-7B40-4254-9087-6DDEEEE30C43.jpeg E40997D8-EDB7-4DC3-A38A-28DA9F3AE91E.jpeg

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