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Up for sale is one Outcast Pac 9 pontoon boat. I have the reduced the price to a ridiculously low amount just so someone will be fishing this thing!!!! You couldn’t buy the pontoons alone for this price….
I have used it in both rivers and lakes. The Pac 9 was the simpler, lighter weight, strapless frame version of the Pac 900. Boat is in very good condition with some durability and usability upgrades made by me.

Comes with frame, oars, bag, rod holder, anchor, etc…

Pickup in Seattle, $350 cash only

This boat will make you look better, feel better, catch more fish, and help you achieve total enlightenment…

Here's what Outcast says:

The Outcast PAC9 Featherlight Pontoon shows you that you can have a lightweight boat to fish still and moving waters that doesn't sacrifice quality or durability. This dependable pontoon features a four-piece, simple, strapless aluminum frame that attaches to a pair of 9-foot long pontoons. Weighing in at 45 pounds, the Featherlight is ideal for solo anglers who need a lightweight boat for fly-ins or backcountry trips.


  • Strong, durable 1100 PVC fabric, urethane AireCell materials, and welded seam construction provide a quality product that lasts


  • Four-piece durable aluminum frame features an anchor system and two seven-foot 2-piece oars
  • Simple, strapless design enables the frame to attach to a pair of 9-foot-long pontoons for durability, dependability, and light weight


  • Side cargo pocket stashes your fishing gear, water, and food


  • Suitable for experienced anglers who fish still and moving waters
  • Sturdy mesh cargo deck and side aprons allow you plenty of space to put your additional gear
  • Lightweight for fly-in trips or travel when weight is a critical factor



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Updated the listing with actual photos and reduced price. This thing needs to get used!!!


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I have an Outcast float tube for lakes. Great product. Looking for a toon for rivers so interested. Is it still available?


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This pontoon is still for sale! Perfect for still or moving water, in great shape, with all the goodies, and more robust than the other 'toons for sale here, all at a better price!


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Great boat at a fantastic price! Someone should snap this up! Heck, I am even tempted but have a regular framed version already.
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