FS/T Burkheimer 695-4t 6wt 9’-5” SEA Trout platinum


Looking to trade my Burkheimer 695-4t 6wt 9’-5” SEA Trout platinum for a similar rod in 8wt or 10wt.
looking for other high end (American hand made) rods. (RL Winston, Burkheimer, Meiser, T&T)
I really want a 8100-4 DAL Presentation or a 8wt or 10wt Saltwater Titanium but will entertain other options.
This rod is used but even as a used rod, it’s worth $850, I’m looking for the same used value or greater. (I will throw in cash for the right rod)
Thank you for looking.

let me know what you have and let’s talk.

Would sell for $850 plus shipping and any fees.


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