Area 13 report

Fished area 13 Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Had to walk a loooooong ways to find fish, but eventually hooked 11 silvers and one nice cutt. Forgot my heavier spools of tippet on Saturday (maybe that's the idea... plan to fish cutts and end up catching coho!), so LDR'd all but one of the silvers hooked before dinner (finally cut my leader back to the 2ft of butt section to get the one). Rectified the tippet situation after walking back to the tent for dinner and did much better landing fish Saturday evening and for about 45 minutes Sunday morning - ended up getting 5 to hand for the trip. All salmon landed were smallish (4-6 lbs) hatchery fish on purple-over-pink clouser cast to moving pods of fish. The cutthroat took a little pink/white clouser on the 5th cast of the day and I never saw another.

SRC Fanatic


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That's nice to hear fanatic. I fished the salt in the south end of 13 on sat. and had no luck but one small cutt. I was ready for silvers or cutts (I'm in a boat). Saw some resident silvers near a popular beach but none of the returning fish. I talked to a fish checker and he said things seem to be behind "schedule" for area 13 as far as silvers are concerned. I'll be back at it in 2 weeks.

Definately spotty down here, but there are fish to be caught if the timing is right.
Time of day, tides, place. I have casted into schools of large fish passing by with no luck, and have seen good size fish occasionally rolling .
It is more likely they will enter the rivers immediately, rather than hanging out in the sound very long.
Once they arrive in good numbers ( as Pez mentioned) we will have a good shot at some action.
In the meantime it's all about getting up at o'dark thirty :eek: !

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