FS Pontoon boat Maxxon and Scadden


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Excellent shape custom fish slaying pontoon!

Firm on price. Only selling because I can no longer use it. Thanks

The frame is a Dave Scadden signature series with stow away casting platform and brace. Has built in anchor system and adjustable foot braces. Also includes removable rear storage deck for overnight or multi-day trips. Two scadden storage boxes as well, one on each side.

I believe the tubes are Maxxon tubes but honestly cannot remember. One tube has a slow leak and has been that way since I’ve owned it (5 years now). It was never bad enough that I worried about it, would just top it off at the beginning of the following day. Tubes are a little over 9’ in length and about 15” in diameter.

Comes with 3 carbon fiber 7’6” cataract oars with wraps and oar rights.

This boat can handle virtually anything you can throw at it. Also does great on flat water lakes.

Everything breaks down for easy transport. Awesome setup, especially in this price range


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