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I feel blessed, I got to fish with my son earlier this week and today while @Greg Price was in town we got out and had an enjoyable morning on the river.
Greg fished a 2wt with dries. 20210609_084108 (2).jpg 20210609_090916 (2).jpg
and I fished a brace of wets down and across with a hare's ear from in your vice yesterday on point and a partridge and orange(s) on a dropper(s), which was hot.

20210609_101424 (2).jpg
After a while I tried to get Greg to fish a certain run first but he deferred, and I got this on the hare's ear.
20210609_102535 (2).jpg
I stopped and had a smoke and had him go first and he was rewarded with a similar fish, which really gave him the business.
20210609_105019 (2).jpg
Lot's of fun and nice to finally meet someone from the forum.
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Greg Price

Love da little fishies
Steve, I had a blast with Tom. Small streams are my fav fisheries. Tom knows his local waters. Sitting right now in front of campfire. On more night in tent, then I help my son move out of his college dorm tomorrow morning. You will have a good time. PS I am the guy you met the White Pass lake with the old drift boat pulled by a plumbing van

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