Hawaii will require fishing license


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Aloha Governor Ige signed a bunch of new laws yesterday. One was a proposed new out of state fishing license. $20 a day, $40 a week and $70 for a year. They have nothing in place yet but it should roll out next year. I have opposed this in the past because monies normally go into the general fund, but these monies are to be put into fisheries and stocking programs. If they make bonefish catch and release and slot limits for trevally then we might see a big change in the inshore fishing. Charter Captains will have to get their clients to pony up. I hope it doesn’t just go to enforcement. Residents no need a license. I will let y’all know more when I get more details.


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Geez, Hawaii was about the only state that wasn't losing money on a Game Dept.

Looks like that's all about to change ;)


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I think hopefully it would not go into the general coffers but instead be used in enforcement of the rules ie limits, seasons, catch and release etc ....... I would have no issues to pony up ...... it has always felt kind of strange to go to tropical places and never have to purchase a license ...... mind you I typically wade flats..... It only been the last few years you had to purchase for the Bahamas unless you were going offshore


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Stocking program was in the press release. We stock trout on Kauai at kokee but the only fish they raise in Hilo are mullet and Moi. The moi swim in a pin and wear down their feelers so the are unable to eat in the wild. Our stocking efforts have been abysmal.

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