Wanted Looking for a 9 WT set up-Rod/Reel

Bob Trigg

Headed down to Cape San Blas FL in August for a family vacation https://ontheflysouth.com/wading-for-st-joe-seatrout/ . Focus wont be fishing entirely (wife would kill me), but going out as much as possible. Got an 8wt and 7wt set up-mostly used for Bass here in MO. Made the right line "tweaks" to make them fishable in Salt. Taking my 10 year old down so 2 rods is a must. Little concerned if the wind is blowing a 7wt might be on the light side for bay fishing in St Joes bay. Hence hoping to pick up the 9 wt outfit (can also buy seperatly if you guys have a rod and not reel, or reel and not rod). Please let me know if you have anything looking to offload. PLUS-if anyone has fished the area before, would love some tips. Hate to disappoint my boy with no fish. BTW-cant get a single guide to call me back. So that looks like its out. Anyway, please let me know


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I have an extra pflueger supreme l a. 8/9 /10. Fly reel. New in box

I ordered an extra one. Just to have. If you can use it 99.00. Picked up. N h or add 10.97 shipping. They listed for 239. Fully machined. Korea

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