Good fishing, me and the Ospreys

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A 7-10 mph consistent southerly had, by evening, pushed a lot of the attempted hatch into the Northern parts of a local lake. Ospreys and caspian terns were working, and watching the ospreys in specific, saw multiple wing feints, presumably seeing the fish and initiating a dive and then thinking better of it. There were dives too, about one every twenty minutes. So Nature's version of drone fishing confirmed the trout were in the top of the water column picking off failed to emerge or trying to emerge bugs. I fished two lines, with dry flies, one on an intermediate, one on a float. I made no attempt to actually float the flies and did slow crosswind paddles... man was it fun. The fish had taken on the hues of the lake, suggesting they had well acclimatized to it, and at least two were likely holdovers in the 16-17 inch range and faaaat for this lake which is normally overstocked (not this year) and super healthy looking. 6 fish landed, 2 lost, other brief strikes. One fish on upwind paddle, none on downwind. Normally if I fish twilight here, casting dries to riseforms, on a still evening, the fish are shy and spookable. Last night, not in the slightest, they were hitting like SRC do, unambiguous and greedy....
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thanks for the idea of using a racket. I failed at making a wood frame for a homemade net, but still have the net. Have at least one old RB racquet in the closest. Thinking of coming out....getting back into the RB that is. My new knee is back baby! been hitting the ball on the court this week.


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That is a very nice report. Painted a wonderful picture there. You didn't include a gratuitous "broke a couple off" in there, that made it even feel more peaceful and real.
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Whoa, my wife is a really good senior tennis player.....
Maybe this is how I can finally get her into the fishing game? Set, Match?

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