fly fishing for bass and pannies

Just got back from a local lake fishing for largemouth bass and bluegill, man it was fun. It was interesting because i caught a few different species of fish. I caught about 20 bluegills, a decent bass, and then something hard hit my bugger, and it turned out to be a leftover stocker from the winter that was 15-16 inches. LAter on, i caught another one that looked a little gummy from the really warm water. Anyway to get to my question, do any of you guys ever use 2 fly rigs for bass/panfish? Today I used a bugga trailed by a size 20 hares ear. I caught 1 trout, 2 bass, and a few gills on the bugga. I caught 1 trout,6 bass, and a bunch a gills on the hares ear. The two fly worked well for me, it was the first time i ever used it going for warm water species. What are your favorite bass/panfish flies? I usually use buggers/mouse/nymphs, and occasionly dries, but i have caught more fish on the bugger than anything else.

just remember, throw 'em back

i like to use a green or red panfish popper as the lead fly or strike indicator, then 8-12" behind that i like a girdle bug or a small nymph (hares ear, prince nymph, whatever) both in dark colors. works great and sometimes i even double up!