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Any mountain climbers on the forum? I know that forum members have discussed books we've read on mountain climbing. Today there's a ceremony dedicating (unveiling) a sculpture of K2, the world's second-tallest mountain. This ceremony honors Ephrata mountaineering legacies of Jim Wickwire and Fred Dunham. Wickwire and Dunham were part of the American team who attempted to ascend K2 in 1975, unsuccessfully. Wickwire returned in 1978 and reached the summit (team members included Lue Reiehardt, John Roskelley and Rick Ridgeway). Wickwire and Dunham are now 81.

Pretty Cool!


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That is cool! I’ll have to visit Ephrata to see that sculpture. In my younger days, I climbed mountains. Summited Rainier, Adams, Hood, and St Helens three times before it blew. Climbed Stewart and a number of other smaller peaks in the Cascades. Spent a week in a climbing school with Lute Jerstad at Anthony Lakes, Oregon where we had a cabin growing up. Gave it up a number of years ago. Now I get nervous on a high chair lift while skiing. Still enjoy hiking and bouldering, although I probably need to stop that. I love being in the mountains.


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