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Anyone have a helpful tip to get a 2nd or 3rd use from the nozzle of an Aquaseal tube?
I store it in the freezer like a good boy but I still rarely get a second use from the capped end. Typically, I end up cutting the crimped end to access the non hardened stuff. and work my way up the tube from that end.

Usually, I don’t worry about it but today after beer or two I figured I’d ask the collective. Anyone have a good suggestion?

thanks in advance
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I'm not sure of the nozzle size on the Aqua Seal but I've tried this on glue bottles and caulking tubes and it's worked for me. Just a thought but have you tried putting a nail or even a pin temporarily in the nozzle hole..? Next time you go to use it just pull the nail/pin out and it'll reopen the hole again. If you leave the nozzle the way it is without putting anything in it, the Aqua Seal will just harden up like glue making the nozzle useless unless you cut more of the nozzle off..


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Hmm...might try a little piece of Saran wrap over it before you put the cap on.
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Back when I was patching rental waders a couple times a week I never took the top off until the very end of the tube. Use a razor knife to make a small slit in the bottom corner of the tube and squeeze out what you need. When you have enough for the job simply fold the tube over to trap the slit. Next use make a slit a little farther up the tube. Usually got at least a half of a dozen applications before I took the top off. Not sure of the long term efficacy of that technique but might be worth a try.


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Usually only the neck of the tube is hardened. Even when frozen it always gets hard but a drill bit the size of the opening usually eliminates the plug and gets you back in business. Same with silicone sealant and lots of calks.

It might be a good opportunity to test the effectiveness of Bloxygen. Use a glass jar that can be securely sealed air tight and purge it with a shot of Bloxygen then seal the Aquaseal inside until you need it again. It works great for expensive oil based paints that you don't want to skin over, it might work on Aquaseal.
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I've only needed small BB sized volumes of aquaseal at a time to repair pin-hole leaks, etc. If you don't need a large amount of aquaseal, I recommend opening the tube with a hole only the size of a large needle, or small brad (nail) so as to minimize later exposure of the tube contents during storage. Use a plastic cocktail stirrer or toothpick to apply the aquaseal in dabs taken from the tube opening rather than squeezing out excessive amounts and applying directly from the tube. Take care to avoid getting aquaseal on the threads of the tube or cap. When finished, see that a little bump of aquaseal emerges from the tube opening to serve as a cap that will cure and seal the remaining contents. This can be picked off during the next use. Use plumbers tape or a little Vaseline on the threads, cap it, and freeze it in a zip lock until the next use. I've gotten half a dozen uses out of a tube over 2 years doing this.

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