Picking up trash....two 26 inch props

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Long paddle this AM, fished a whole bunch of new territory and caught a range of SRC from 12 -18, most fish in the cleaner water.
Stopped a bunch of times to shoot birds, how badass do these juvies look?

Caption for the caspian terns?
Near a sunk unsalvageable boat up on the low tide mudbank I saw one prop. You would only see it if you were within 3-4 yards. Waded through some mud, and thought I saw a second, retrieved the first and went back.... Two 26 inchers, the kayak was running a little low to the waterline. My theory is the props were on the boat, the boat looks like it was the kind of rambling hoarder live-aboard you sometimes see permanently anchored up and listing in the tidal water. Maritime hoarder. The boater probably tossed them when they started taking on water. They were on a mud bank and I would think they should sink into the muck if they were there for a while. Plus the barnacles were small. It makes me think if I did my diligence there might be more, but how to explain more props to my wife, who already is bewildered.

Men like big-ass propellers.

Can I get an amen that that is the only explanation needed?

They cleaned up pretty good, a nice brass (edit- bronze- thanks Rotato!)
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Very cool trip, Boot! We were ice fishing for Perch on a deep Basin lake years ago when a friend reeled-up a stainless prop & outdrive shaft. I figured someone clipped a rock backing out from the launch, sheared a pin & when they engaged forward, it puked-out the shaft assembly. 2 guys came out later, saw the shiny prop laying by a pile of Perch and asked: "Where did you find that?" Rudy didn't bat an eye when he replied: "They're hitting cotter pins." The sale of that prop paid for many trips . . .
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wadin' boot

Donny, you're out of your element...
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The sale of that prop paid for many trips . . .
More propeller stories...

I have ruined two cheap aluminum props on shifting mudflats from a boat rental where they give you a xerox map of the flats that is ambiguous at best and unreadable when soaked. The props still worked, but not as effectively. The kid who ran the rental shack would inspect the prop on boat return, and if found wanting, he would say "I have to get my dad..." Which the first time I heard it felt like I was getting sent to The Principal's office...

The dad, like his son, was a redhead. Skin like cedar shakes that weathered a dozen seasons without oil, a beard to help mitigate the sun, a beat up Red Sox cap, the old man charged about $85 a prop to replace. "More if you lied..." He's a grumpy salt and/or that's the bluff of it. Clearly his kids love him. After wrecking the first one, I knew there was an honesty discount. Not that it mattered. I got a kick out of the lines though, delivered again...deadpan...right down to "I have to get my dad..."

It's weird when you have an experience where you come to recall, fondly, your own stupidity and how you pay for it and what you get in return.

Clearly the family had learned summer non-boating tourists wreck props and then lie about it, enough to make a markup profit and/or have a practiced scenario on how to deal with it. Thinking through the developmental milestones of running a family-owned rental outfit, at some point the boy will no longer need to get his dad. The last time I rented from them, the boy was taller, wore timberland boots and shorts, his voice had broken, had a Boston Strong T-shirt, already faded. I returned the boat with no damage.

So somewhere out on those East Coast mudflats, on the way to where the bluefish and stripers school, there could be a similar propeller midden for someone to salvage
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