Creeks near Whidbey Island?


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I am stationed her on whidbey and have fly fished pass lake and the Nooksack a handful of times but would like to know if there are any creeks within an hours range, either on or off island. I don’t have a lot of time on my hands these days with a new baby so treks up toward baker are out of my reach for now. I went to whatcome falls the other day and had a blast catching tiny sculpin. I also made a little dinghy so I could also hit some smaller lakes.


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Whidbey is a relatively small island. Therefore any potential watershed area that could feed streams is also small. Kind of a long way of saying that you're not going to find much in the way of streams to fish on Whidbey Island. Lakes like Pass and Lone are your best freshwater fishing opportunities, and there are some saltwater beaches that offer reasonable fishing at the right season. Sorry, I'm not familiar enough with the area or the beach fishing scene to suggest anything more specific.

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If I was still in Washington I could find you some places to fish. But I've been in Montana for the last 15 years now and where I used to fish in your state is all kind of washed out of my memory Besides the WDFW closed down anything close to you in the way of Skinny water. I don't think they want to let you fish where you might bother the Salmon.


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Listen to bhudda! Fishing the salt is a blast and the season is just starting. A lot of guys are on this site that will help, plus Anacortes has a Fly Fishing club and you will be welcomed. Public beaches to the South & you only need a decent 6wt. It will be the most fun you've had freezing in salt water without your surfboard.

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Get a map of the Skagit Valley and look at the small blue lines. Also there are a number of lakes in the area that are planted with trout.

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I switched from small streams on the western cascades (one hour plus drive) to salt water salmon and cutthroat (5 min drive) when our son was an infant and I lived near the beach in west Seattle.

Fair trade off. I felt guilty taking whole or half days to fish my fav small streams while leaving wife home alone caring for our son. I never got enough time on the salt to learn to be successful , but well worth the trade off to be with wife and son during his formative years.

He will be 21 this summer. It seems like yesterday when I was bundling him up for a winter time stroll in his baby jogger with rain cover, balancing a hot latte that kept hands snd tummy warm. Enjoy this time with your child, the time passes fast.

Just this winter, with covid and a grown child, I got enough time on the salt chasing ressies (in tacoma) to gain a better understanding for better results. Salt is more fun now that I catch fish.


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I’m from where your stationed at now, and growing up there, creek fishing wasn’t a quick or easy option. However, there’s plenty of lakes around The Pass (couple that don’t get talked about too much), and a few that aren’t far from I-5 in South Skagit Valley that would be a quick shot. PM me if you need names/locations but most folks on here will know already what I’m talking about (not named Pass and Lone). Enjoy North Whidbey, it’s beautiful this time of year. Also a decent break with the right swell at Fort Ebey.

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