Time to give up stream fishing


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Yup. When I was on the Deschutes in May, I was remembering when I used to scramble up an down the rip-rap banks with agility. Now I slowly pick my way up and down, while thinking how it go really bad with one false step.


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I'm getting to that point as well. Both knees are shot. I will be having the replacement surgery sometime in August. It will lay me up for a few months and limit what I can do for a while but I will find other things to do in the meantime. Hopefully everything will go well and by January I'll be back to as normal as a new normal can get. Now, I don't fish alone and always wear an inflatable floating device.
Best of luck with the knee surgery, I hope all goes well. I will have to have my rt knee repaired some day soon. VA is my source for medical care, but right now I'm hanging in there and hoping I can last a little longer with what I have going on. I'll keep in touch later in the year to check up on you and get some info on the surgery. Cheers P


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Hello all, as the title says "Time to give up stream fishing". I'm getting to the point where it is no longer safe for me to rock hop or wade the streams and fly fish, bad right knee and not as stable as I once was has led me to this decision. A recent trip to the Deschutes river just about did me in, a trip on the the basalt and I darn near did a header off a five foot sheer drop to the river. I've fished the Deschutes for thirty years and never had a scare like that. So that is the short story, I'll be posting a couple of rods and reels for sale in the near future, rather than have them collect dust in my basement, some one can carry on for me.
Cheers, Petetar
I understand. It happened to e a decade ago.
Hi Petetar,
The Deschutes River is some of the most challenging wading conditions out there. Perhaps, you might need to dial back on wading there, but there are lots of gravel-bottomed streams in central Oregon and elsewhere. A wading staff might contribute to your feeling of stability when wading. And you might add an inflatable life jacket to your apparel. Otherwise, I second the recommendations to spend more time on lakes if you do not feel as comfortable wading.
Im 35 with a sub par back (construction and heavy maintenance background will do it) that wadding staff is amazing.
Im not sure where your located. But I'm located near puyallup, and my brother in-law and I get out every chance we can ( both married and have kids and jobs). With that being said if you need or want some fishing company we would be more than happy to fish with you. Provided you pass on a little knowledge haha.

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