Trip Report Madison 6/13

Pretty good streamer fishing on the upper Madison today despite 85-90F air temps under an unrelenting sun, and a fair degree of fishing pressure.

Today’s lesson - ignore other people. Most of them don’t know what the heck they’re doing and as such they don’t bother the fish as much as you might think. I saw no one else land a fish today. Probably it happened, but I didn’t see it. We fished behind 3 other dudes for half the day and had plenty of action doing our own thing.

We arrived at 3 Dollar about 10am and took a long walk. Between my g/f and I we hooked about 12 fish by 3:30pm, all but one on the sculpzilla. She lost a beast, I got 4 fish between 14-19” into the net.


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Taking the walk is the key to fishing at the bridge. Three summers ago my son and I got there and found that both lots were packed. Fishers were jamming the banks right around the bridge. We walked about 10-15 min up stream, had the place to ourselves, and really slammed trout using elk caddis.

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