FS Dry Flies Price Drop!


Indi Ira
WFF Supporter
Three different lots of dry flies, all brand new never been fished.

Each lot has at least 40 flies. $40 each plus shipping if you buy one lot, $35 each plus shipping if you buy 2 lots, $30 each and free shipping CONUS if you buy all three.

Lots are as pictured.
Lot 1. AAC9D833-92E0-4589-896A-EAC6B6B12027.jpeg

Lot 2. 7E22733B-E371-4EC3-9B56-1D78E1D04191.jpeg

Lot 3. 4EA22457-5C40-43BF-BE3C-5C81D8AC2393.jpeg
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