Wishin' we can get back there next spring.........


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The pics following are from our 2015 trip to the Caribou region of BC. Two years before this trip we'd heard some stories - fishing stories? Legends: trout that tow your boat, break anchor lines....... The following year we spent half a day between the Logan Lake volunteer fire department going over their maps (and their internet hookup) and picking their brains in hopes of enlightenment regarding the "storied" lake.

In the meantime, old standby lakes were worth visiting.
Keith with a nice trout, only 11 miles from our cabin at Mile High Resort - 11 miles and 90 minutes travel time. The road is Chopaka grade like (complete with logging trucks).

The fishing stories from 2013 and the research in 2014 (and a lot more digging between 2014 and 2015) and we think - this is the road to the legendary lake..... (How deep is this? - short answer: "in right, out left" and it is deep.)

One of the nicest shoals I've ever seen in all my fishing travels.

Don't be cheap, buy a good pump for your float tube.

Damselflies weren't the only ones feasting on mayflies. When we've been lucky enough to time it just right: magic, pure magic.

Jeez, I hope we can get back up there next year!!


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Right! It is so hard to be optimistic on the border opening. It seems like there's rumors floating around the border may open and then BOOM, another extension of the closure. Have a great trip to MT.


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Leaving in about 15 minutes! I'm pretty optimistic for this fall and I think next spring could be a sure thing.

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