Sunday crew


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Awesome, Ben Howard? Mike Kinney taught me to spey cast there longer ago than I care to admit, took him all of 20 minutes. To this day when my casting goes to shit I just remember the simple steps he taught me and all is well again.


Bhudda -good to see you and the crew out there . . . it's been awhile! Great pics - "The Man, the Myth, the MKS" Also the Masked Speyfisher. Love the continuous flex of Bert's rod - anybody know which model was he using?

Catch you all next month-


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Nice to see you guys made it out again. Mike, Bert, Rich (the anti-Clause), and Aaron all taught me to cast a spey rod, 20 yrs ago at the mouth of the Tolt. Thanks again! Keep it up Jedi's!

And Bert's stories on how he turned cork handles on ship has made me want to build a rod in that manner.

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