Damsel heaven


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Most the browns were tight against shore or reeds, where you had to have pinpoint casts. An inch or two made a difference. It was almost like carp fishing. You had to ignore all the chaos of rising fish all around you, and target specific feeders tight to structure. You could gauge which direction they were going, and get a fly in front of them. The open water fish were unpredictable. They could turn and go any direction after the last rise.
The brookies were so keyed up and going crazy, it didn't really matter where you fished, edges or open water. Your dry didn't float for long before something exploded on it!
Sounds like one of those days you'll never forget - good stuff!! Thanks for the report, definitely got me all fired up to get out and enjoy some stillwater action.


"Chasing Riseforms"
Nice. Blue damsel fishing is hell fun. Hits are fast usually. I tie this with a black ice dubbing body. Sometimes without the wing it works better.


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Scott Salzer

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Nice report and pictures, Trip.

I had a stellar dry damsel day up at Chopaka a number of years ago. It was a hoot. I was at Beda one day when the fish were launching themselves at hovering dragon flies. I needed a dragon fly drone....

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