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Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell are a textbook case of over-appropriation on the grandest scale. In its zeal to construct more dams than the Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) built Glen Canyon Dam, with its associated reservoir Lake Powell, so the gov't. built more storage space for water than the Colorado River produces. Too bad Hayduke wasn't able to blow up Glen Canyon Dam.


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An interesting fact. All that sediment really belongs on the Grand Canyon beaches. The dam has trapped it all above the dam starving the lower beaches. The Grands beaches have gotten so threadbare that it has threatened animal and fish species because of the change in habitat. The national park service forced the dam operators to have huge annual water releases to try to recharge the beaches with sand, that had ironically been stuck in Lake Powell choking the famous rapids at Cataract Cyn. and all the side canyons. The Escalante River is a giant mud bog where it enters the Colorado now..

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