Trip Report Lake Powell - Back in May

Last Fall, while hunting pheasant in Kansas and Nebraska, my cousin suggested that I meet up with him in the spring to fish Lake Powell. I said "sure", because that's what you say, I guess. Fast forward to January and he reached out to me. "Are you up for Lake Powell in April?" Again, I said "sure" and then I floated the notion by my wife who gave me no response, but a side eye glare. The weather wasn't doing well in April, so it started to slide into May, which was already a busy month for me. Every weekend but one was available, so we agreed to meet up at Hall's Crossing. I had never been to southern Utah, so this was a bit of a treat for me.


The dramatic weather in the photos above was not a good sign. We checked in with each other and decided to stop in Blanding and get a hotel room for the night instead of braving the winds at the campground in our tiny tents. It was a smart move. After a night of diner food and bourbon, we headed out early in the morning to Hall's Crossing.


We ran into some traffic on the way.



After two miles of stop and go cows, we were still able to get to camp at a decent hour.


You probably know already that Lake Powell is huge. I just need to reiterate that Lake Powell is HUGE!


We caught fish. Lot's of fish. I did everything on the fly. My cousin was about 50/50. He might of out-fished me, but not by much.

I caught a lot of these.


A few of these!


Several of these. Your guess is as good as mine.


One nice thing about spinning gear and a live well is that you get to bring home dinner. My cousin landed four of these.


I was particularly excited about this one. I mean, I completely lost my sh!t over this one. I guess thats why we do it.


We got lucky with the weather, but by day two, after a howling and cold night in the tents, we decided not to stay an extra night, so my cousin convinced me to stop by Telluride on the way home. After crashing at his house outside of town and a morning of work for him, we went to a local lake in the afternoon. I didn't get as many pictures because at some point I lost my phone. After backtracking and searching the various locations I had been, I came to the reasonable logic that if I didn't hear a "plop" in the water, maybe my phone was still in my waders somewhere. Sure enough, I found it in my left wader leg. Phew!

Not a lot of action, but I was happy to land this guy.



So, 2280 miles round trip. Five species in three days. Lot's of beer, bourbon, burgers and a hell of a nice boat. Looking forward to next spring. Just need to stay away from this guy.



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It was very low. I had heard from the ranger that it had been lower, but when you see anchors and boat ladders that were caught in previously submerged trees, that are now way above you, you realize how low the water is these days. Made for tricky navigation too.

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That was a nice boat... what kind /size / model is it?
It was a Mako 21 with a 200 Merc. Fully loaded. I have a lot of experience on boats and this one really impressed me. Very stable, handled the chop, wind and other wakes very well. Very nice to fish off of too. Space for days and a wide open deck. I think it would be an ideal Puget Sound skiff.


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Is that one fish perhaps a warmouth? Great post and pics, thanks.

Looks like a Green Sunfish. We used to catch them all of the time back in TX and I've nabbed a few out of Lake Powell as well in the late 80s. Biggest bluegills I've ever seen were also there.


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Is that one fish perhaps a warmouth? Great post and pics, thanks.
That's what keeps coming up in my google searches, although I don't think it looks like one. My cousin and another guy at the launch referred to it as a rockbass, but I don't think that is accurate either. To me, it looked like a Bluegill/Smallie hybrid.


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Looks like a Green Sunfish. We used to catch them all of the time back in TX and I've nabbed a few out of Lake Powell as well in the late 80s. Biggest bluegills I've ever seen were also there.
Yeah, you're probably right. Pretty big for a sunfish.


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Not a rock bass those have red eyes. Not a warmouth either (same). Looks like a green sunfish or a green sunfish hybrid. I dont think sunfish can hybridize with smallmouth bass.


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Just so you have an image of a Green Sunfish....I doubt it's a hybrid of any sorts (although, they do hybridize with a few different species). I think folks get a little thrown off by the mouth.


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