What BBQ should I buy?

John svah

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We have a weber genesis and a traeger (my wife manages a hardware store). We use the traeger for smoking, cooking chicken and pizza. It doesnt get hot enough to sear so the grill is where meat and fish go for grilling.


dead in the water
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Soooo much good info from you all. Huge thanks.

Keep the opinions coming. I've already learned a ton.


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KISS. Keep it simple, stupid. Works for me. I've been using a Weber Smokey Joe since 1995, since I don't cook for groups larger than 4. Usually just Mrs, Salmo and me. I buy the double bags of Kingsford briquets sold at Costco at a discount, seasonally. Have about 9 bags in the garage attic at the moment cuz I can't resist a bargain. I have a chimney charcoal starter, takes 1 1/2 sheets of newspaper and a match. I BBQ all year round; we built a covered deck when we built this house, being in the PNW and all. Oh, the Weber Smokey Joe costs about $30, a far better price point than everything else I have looked at. As for space, I built a 2' x 4' table, that along with the Smokey Joe lives year around on my deck.

Matt B

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Very satisfied Weber Spirit E 310 owner here. I like grilling a lot but don’t always want to do coals. The Weber is the best propane grill I’ve used. I also have a classic offset firebox old school smoker, for when I need tons of smoke. When I just need some smoke, sometimes I’ll use the indirect heat method with some foil pouches of wood chips on the well designed and replaceable Weber flavorizer bar. That actually works really well for a moderate amount of smokiness with a gas grill.

Jim Ficklin

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If I only had 1, it would be my Weber 3 Burner Spirit. Works great except for during high winds that occasionally snuff the flame. If I ever desire a charcoal grill, that would also be a Weber. I have a Louisiana Pellet Grill that has served me well, but I use it for slow cooking larger cuts of meat and fish. It is more labor intensive & time consuming to use, clean and store & I don't like a steady diet of smoked food. I use my Spirit year- around, multiple times a week in the summer and have no complaints. It's fast, convenient, easy to clean and store. Whatever you get, buy a good cover for it. My Daughter & SIL bought a Char Griller dual grill last year - can cook with gas or charcoal. It seems to work very well and is reasonably priced.


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We have a version of the Weber Genesis series in the gas BBQ and replaced our charcoal Weber. We really liked the charcoal Weber but with just two of us at home it made no sense to fire that up for a couple of hamburgers. With the gas BBQ we have a side burner now and we BBQ during the winter too since we have it under a covered patio. Also when the power went out we were able to make our Aeropress coffee by boiled water on the side burner! We love it. It’s pricey but it’s been a great BBQ so far these past few years. Plus it’s nice looking.


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I run a Napoleon Lex 485...
The 1800 degree sizzle zone side burner is the best thing ever in gas grills, sears a steak in 2 minutes...much better than the stupid wimpy side burners that you never use on most gas grills.
Rotisserie burner too, and 4 burner capacity for groups in the main grilling area.
Nothing but good things to say about this grill, glad I did not get a Weber.


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Propane is easy, but the Camp Chef and Pitt Boss pellet grills are nearly as easy to use, are a lot more affordable than a Traeger, you get the ability to smoke and temperature control is easy. A well-brined, smoked turkey will permanently change your Thanksgiving cred with the family.


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Pellet grills are for centerpinners and gas grill are for guys who use bobbers :)
I don't centerpin but I'm prone to the use of strike indicators and I really like my Traeger. I find it very versatile - but here's an exception or two, eh! It doesn't work when you want to cook oysters in the shell - and in my less than humble opinion a gas grill works for this better than charcoal. My wife and I love ochazuke for breakfast, a gas grill quickly cooks a filet; no waiting for charcoal to ash over or the Traeger to come to temperature.

So Josh, it looks like you're going to need a Weber charcoal grill, a Weber gas grille and perhaps the versatile Traeger. Don't forget your programmable remote temperature probes.


Charcoal is expensive so I quit it long ago except for my Pit-Barrel Cooker . My other grill is propane and my smokers are both electric .

bk paige

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Weber genesis for grilling and just got a Green Mountain pellet smoker. The GM will reach 500° good enough to seer steaks and supper easy to use!


dead in the water
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Once again, thank you to everyone for all the opinions and info.

I feel like I'm leaning towards a medium size 3-burner propane grill of some sort with a basic Weber charcoal to work on learning that style if I can carve out space for both.

Just as an example, after making this post yesterday I realized that I didn't feel like having the drive in burgers that kid #1 requested (he got to pick dinner yesterday). So I grabbed a couple of chicken breasts, marinated for a bit, and then took them across the street to my old grill. Would I have made the last minute decision and spent the time/money to fire up a charcoal grill for two chicken breasts? I'm not sure that I would have.

On the other hand, all the folks who love charcoal aren't wrong. It's been too long since I've had some of that classic flavor...


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Charcoal is a weekend deal for me. I enjoy the process. Cooking a whole chicken takes about 2-2.5 hours, including prepping the bird and the grill. Cooking time about 90 minutes indirect at target temperature 325 degrees.

Gas is perfect for quickly grilling a couple pieces of whatever meat sounds good.

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