Float Tubing a River?

N. Metz

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I will buy a cheap pontoon or a kayak. Not being able to get to all the water irks me and the thought of the big smallies lazing in those deep holes, beyond my reach hurts, but on further thought it is too dangerous. Dying because I got caught on Jim bob's 100 pound mono sounds shitty.

LongRodsilvers: Asking about something that could get you killed and just going and doing something that could get you killed are two very different things. That's why I asked man. Would you rather I just went and did it?

N. Metz

Active Member
your giving people way to much credit. i think the blanket advice of DONT is because anyone dumb enough to need to ask this question to a forum has no business doing it, and probably is not experienced enough to properly assess the risk and mitigate those risks.

anyone who has the knowledge, experience, and ability to use a float tube in moving water would not be asking WFF if its a good idea or not.

Woah there buddy. You can state you opinion without calling me dumb, which I take exception to. I've been in a float tube since I was 7, almost 20 years.

Your also welcome to do my chemistry homework if you want to prove your so smart.


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