Montana FWP seeks input on Brown Trout Regulation


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This would be a huge overreach and I'm not sure it holds up in court.

@Salmo_g you got any thoughts?
Thoughts, yes. Special insight, probably not. Western water law is so well established and deeply entrenched, and augmented by nearly a century-and-a-half of case law that no easy changes show up in my crystal ball. When I look just a little bit at water issues in California, where there is adequate water only in above average water years, and 80% of appropriated water is used by agriculture and the remaining 20% is used by 38 million people for M&I use, I think a trend becomes apparent. If non-ag interests want more water, they will most likely have to purchase it from the existing water right holders who are primarily agricultural irrigators. This has already been done, and I think it points to the future with regard to how water is used.

Brian Miller

Be vewy vewy qwiet, I'm hunting Cutthwoat Twout
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To quote a friend: "cutthroat are whitefish in a clown suit!"
Whats wrong with being a whitefish or a cutthroat in any of those watersheds? They’re both native to Montana, despite the sportsman’s love and elevation of nonnative browns in the region.
That's a surprising statement coming from that screen name.
I have really enjoyed the many thousands of hours over 45 years fly fishing for the natives here. And personally, the occasional Mountain Whitefish brings much satisfaction because of their preference for cold, clear, and highly oxygenated water that indicates to me more than just an awesome terrestrial beauty to places where native trout can thrive. As a bonus the Whitefish I've caught are often large. I haven't hooked up with one on a T-Rod yet.

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