Anyone Fished Here? Any Intel Appreciated.....


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Looks like a giant dropped pin somehow physically manifested itself. Hopefully not some spooky tech Google is experimenting with.

But seriously, WTF is that thing?
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Ron McNeal

This is such a bizarre sight that it prompted (at least for me) nothing but questions. Particularly since we're now learning about a serious looming drought in the SW and here, in the middle of the desert, not that far from Death Valley and the Mojave Desert, is this unnatural, deep blue "thing." I'm no hydrologist, but can't imagine the local water table having anything to do with this "thing."
Anyway, I just thought I'd throw it out there to see what members might say/know about it..............
Some would call it an Earth Ostium....... Stll, nothing but questions.......... It's obviously not natural, but made, but why? - for what purpose? - by whom?

I'm in the WTF group.


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Maybe your coordinate pair is off. The holding lie is obvious, and your tie should be sparse with a wide gape hook.

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