Pass lake report 6/16/21


The Tug Is The Drug
A quick report for Pass fished yesterday:

Water temp: 64 degrees
Water clarity: Clear ( surprising with the warm weather). There was a little slime at the boat ramp which dissipated with the wind.

Arrived from camping at DP State Park and was on the lake about 7am. Noticed a few fish feasting on the minnows and was lucky enough to get 3 by the ramp of decent size except for the 8 inch Brown.
Not much of a hatch, but the swallows are around and the fish were active and feeding. There were a few adult midges on the surface, but not many. Fish found at all depths and all over. It seems like there were pockets of them where I got 4 or 5 then it fizzled out and I moved on. Had a little excitement when one healthy fish decided to almost run me into my backing headed across the lake on the surface when all if a sudden I heard the whoosh of wind over wings of the Bald Eagle from behind me. I pushed the rod way down and stripped in like a mofo. I got it about half way when the Eagle went for another pass. I waved my arms as he came in and was able to scare him away.
I hooked another 3 fish and lost them all and wondered what was happening. I discovered that the healthy RB had bent the hook out in its run across the lake. Note to self to always check the hook.....duh...!!
Just wanted to mention one more thing. I used 3X to get the fish in quicker and avoided for the most part handling the fish with a quick release.

I will probably not fish the lake now until the fall. I am sure with the weather warming up this next week that the algae will start to bloom and the fish will start to get lethargic.

Tight lines.

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