New nesting osprey pair making fishing worse?


dead in the water
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There's a big pond/small lake 5 minutes from my house that I think of as my before/after work "homewater" for bass/panfish. There's not much shore access, and what there is gets pounded pretty hard. But usually if you made the effort to head out in a tube or kayak, you could find a few bass (and a trout from time to time). It's never been an amazing fishery, but it was usually worth the time.

This year however has been much slower. Panfish seem about normal, perch might actually be better than normal. But bass catch seems way down. I've only gotten a few over a number of trips so far this spring early-summer. One thing that has been nice is that I've gotten to see a new nesting pair of Osprey hanging around doing Osprey stuff. However, some amount of that stuff is "looking for food". Always cool to watch these birds fish, but what are the chances that the osprey and my low catch rate are related? I gotta think they are, right? It's not a huge piece of water and I suspect it wouldn't take much to impact the fishing.

Or... maybe I'm just looking to blame something else for my crappy fishing.


Living at the place of many waters
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It could be a factor, I watch them take many stocked trout .


dead in the water
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To be clear, I'm not begrudging the Osprey their meals.

I'm just not going to bother to fish there as much if they are noticeably reducing the catchable bass population. I'll just drive a bit further to another option.

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