Wilderness lite float tubes...

Dave Westburg

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I am a huge wilderness lite fan. Used mine today and will be using it just about ever weekend during this summer's high lakes season. Have written several posts about wilderness lite tubes on this site.

3.25 pounds. 75% less weight than most other float tubes.
Wilderness lite also sells a small light pump for inflation and fins which will pack flat in your pack.
It's my go to fishing craft for beaver ponds and high mountain lakes.

You sit low in the water so need to dress warm.
It's smaller than most other float tubes. I wouldn't recommend it for larger windy lowland lakes.


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Ditto what Dave said. This is the evolution of the old Wind River Gliderider tube. I've got nearly 30 years on mine. Best float tube ever made. It can be a bit tricky in the wind and waves as you do sit very low and can easily ship some water down the ol waders....

Brian Miller

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Yup. I agree with everything @Dave Westburg and @racermo said. It fits into a 10 liter stuff sack or in the outside mesh pocket of my Seek Outside backpack. The biggest downside for me is the small diameter inflation valves take a lot of effort to deflate for packing out.

I spent some time putting together a lightweight kit. ~4 ounce exercise ball pump, $15 for 18 oz NOS Redball urethane coated nylon waders at a FFI silent auction. (I also have a pair of slightly heavier PVC coated nylon waders) 3mm neoprene socks and Sockwa Playa hightop neoprene beach volleyball shoes with Spenco insoles to protect the waders' nylon feet; about 10 ounces. Outcast plastic fins at ~18 ounces, inflatable PFD. My entire western fly fishing kit with a 4-weight rod, reel with floating line, intermediate polyleader and type III & IV sink-tips, fly box, cheap lightweight aluminum net hoop with a Measure Net mesh bag, and tools weighs 10# and takes up about 12 liters in my 1500 cu in (24 liter) Fishpond Tundra backpack.

I've carried it into Seven Lakes Basin and Upper Foss Lakes on 3 day trips. Also Summit Lake, and Goat Lake. It does not get used for lakes close to a road to protect my investment.
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Jim Ficklin

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Wilderness makes a light bladder for the old Wood River Stealthrider tubes. I have 2 Stealthriders; they are a little larger & you sit a bit higher in that model than you do in a Gliderider. My Stealthriders handle wind & rough water a little better (I got caught in a sudden wind on Lenore one time; it was a long kick back to shore but the tube rode safely, although I did get a little wet. They are a tad heavier than a Wilderness Lite shell, but not much & the fabric is very durable. I wish they were still in production, although mine have been properly stored indoors and are in very good condition.
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I picked one up after testing out one of Dave's last summer. They now offer an "ice out" pillow that connects to the seat with velcro and when inflated it allows you to sit a couple inches higher out of the water. I think it is a great product if you want to be able to have a watercraft to access hike in lakes, especially in the mountains.

Brian Miller

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...They now offer an "ice out" pillow that connects to the seat with velcro and when inflated it allows you to sit a couple inches higher out of the water...
I don't see that "pillow" on their website, but they did do some custom work for me to update my seat to a newer design at no charge other than my ship-to-them cost.


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My conversation with my wife last spring:
Me: thinking about getting a lightweight pack float tube.
Wife: How many float tubes do you have?
Me: this one is 7 pounds lighter and better for hiking.
Wife: why don’t you just lose 7 lbs and save yourself $300.


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sadly retired my Wood Rivers before I was aware of the Wilderness bladders which fit the Woods..was starting to have seam leaks, one happened mid lake and got pretty dicey...tried all the tubes after the Woods, none as good a personal fit, the Woods backrest were perfect, and preferred being lower in the water, wind had less impact, and so easy to slide a bow' onto the apron...wife's favorite fly fishing was kicking along in her Gliderider enjoying the scenery, intermediate line trailing behind a wooly bugger or such...tug, tug, tug

my gal and her Woods..


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