Dubois, WY or Pinedale, WY


Planning to head out to the Wind River area in mid July. I like fishing small streams and not too keen on lake fishing. Any recommendations on whether I should stay in Dubois or Pinedale ? Which place might be closer to accessible small streams ? thanks much in advance !


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Dubois. Theres tons of fly shops and outfitters that can point you in the right direction. Plus there's multiple smaller rivers that join to the main river all close by near town plus lakes if you want.
Hard to lose with either choice. Pinedale might have more access and better trailheads for hikes into the mountains. Also there are small streams in the mountains on the west side of the Green river valley.


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There is an awesome dinner in Dubois that serves wonderful biscuits and gravy. Pinedale has the Mountain man museum. Where else can you see 53 kinds of barbed wire. The winds have lots of creeks filled with cutthroat trout. Have fun.

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