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Yesterday I hit a local high lake not far from the ranch. Results up there vary from time to time, but it was a bust after 3 hours of trying just about all my tricks. Full sink, Carey, leech, soft hackle, dry, emerger, you name it. I’m not sure what the holdover success is but there were some planter dinks that would splash once in a while at the edge of the lilly pads. They even snubbed me. Oh well, like they say “ it’s fishing, not catching “…

On another note, I got a friend of mine out for his first time in a pontoon. Brett had been asking me to help him get into fly fishing. As luck would have it I had decided to sell the pontoon I recently bought. He bought it and we went fishing. He was using an intermediate line and giving it a good minute or two before stripping back. With no results, I handed him my type 5 and he at least got a few takes but nothing stuck. I put 3 for 3 in the net before lunch got us off the water. He’s hooked, pun intended… F75D0EDA-951B-4B9A-8C6F-41471FFE1090.jpeg 4C3D1E2B-E016-4CD8-A3D8-6ACEBF4B8612.jpeg


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That's why they call it fishing....guides famous words 'you should have been here yesterday'! Keep trying, the fish Gods will eventually reward your patience and efforts!

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