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Yep, brutal.


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Very interesting and insightful (as Cliff Mass's stuff tends to be). Let's hope the prevailing models fail... immensely.

I'm not looking forward to what is very likely coming. When I lived in Texas, where everyone has A/C, we took this stuff in stride. Here, this is a SOLID 20 degrees above normal for peak summer heat, and by the way, it's only June. We're not ready, our homes aren't ready, and our forests are definitely not ready. I read this morning that forest dead fall (forest fire fuel) in Lacey is at less than 10% moisture, where something closer to 20% is normal for this time of year. To imagine this will be anything less than the worst fire season on record seems wishful thinking at best. Here's where we start hoping the optimists have it right....


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Fished our "last chance" lake that lies above 4,500 ft this morning. This lake usually shows surface temps below 65 degrees well past the 4th of July. Normally we catch about 1 rainbow for every 4 brook trout.

Surface temp was a surprising 67+ degrees! Fished early morning with caution and carefully released a few bows with "no" brook trout. By 8:00 a.m. fishing became uncomfortably warm.

Hopefully in October!


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My brook trout lake in the foothills became too hot about a week ago. I might have one more trip to a mountain brown trout lake before it's too warm.
I'll mostly concentrate on warm water fish, but Rufus woods will have good trout fishing all summer. It is too cold to wet wade until August, and doesn't hit the upper sixties until mid or late September.


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It is quite intriguing how the body becomes accustomed to deal with the "normal" temperature ranges in our given environs. When I lived in The Florida Keys when it got to 70 I rolled the truck windows up and turned on the heat. Here on the OP on the somewhat rare days that it gets to 70 I again roll up the windows but instead turn on the AC. Kinda like the thermos. Sometimes it keeps things hot and sometimes it keeps them cold. How do it know?

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