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I have another 11 days before I fish a lake. I hope by then the temps will be down. I will do what I did on a river in BC. Got tired of catching and releasing I broke the hook off the fly so when they rose to the fly there was no hook. Only a rise to the fly. That's what I enjoy most anyway
Oh, I do that all the time. Seems like I'm always using hooks with no points.

Gary Knowels

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If you read my earlier post you will see that I fished a lake near 4,700 feet that had a surface temp of above 67 degrees taken with an accurate thermometer. We quit fishing about 8:00 a.m. when it got uncomfortably warm!

My expectations on this "last chance" lake where much like yours and did not expect these abnormal conditions.
I was at Melakwa Lake on Tuesday, it was 95% snow and ice covered. Melakwa sits at 4500 feet, in the Snoqualmie drainage. Plenty of snow up there still (3-8 feet deep on Hemlock Pass). The alpine lake season is t in any real threat at this point in my opinion.

Brian Miller

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We had a 35 year old electric furnace that would have probably have worked for another 10 years. When the weather warmed up we used up to 4 window AC units that were noisy, blew in dust and let bugs in. This year we finally replaced the furnace with a heat pump and smart thermostat (Thanks for the advice @Jojo !) that has an accompanying app that can control the system remotely. If we're in cell coverage when we're away, we can see what the inside and outside temps are remotely and turn on the AC to have it nice and cool when we get home. Like @Evan Burck what a great decision!
just be warned: heat pumps tend to struggle in extreme temps. Hopefully it's able to keep up for you guys.
I've now read that air source heat pumps put out air 15° - 20° cooler than the outside temp. So, I've reset the daytime heat temp level to 64° and night heat temp level to 60 from the higher spring time levels set by the HVAC installer so at least the system won't have to backtrack over itself.

Matt B

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Well I'm stocked up on beer, popsicles and ice cream sandwiches, so I'm pretty sure I'll be okay.

I drove through Death Valley in July once. It was 120+. The A/C in my 1988 Mazda B2200 didn't do diddly squat. My buddy actually got a little ill.

And then we made it to Vegas. :eek:

Brian Miller

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Roseburg temps for Sunday were upgraded from 106 to 113... I don't think I've ever been in 113deg before.
Mrs Brian grew up in Phoenix and has been a long-suffering bride here in the NW. One year we flew down to visit in late June when it was 115° in the valley. Whooo boy! When the sliding door at Sky Harbor opened to walk outside over to the parking garage in the shade, it took my breath away. Fortunately her parents had moved to Payson where it was about 15° cooler.

Oh, and her sister who now lives in Jacksonville but lived in Tucson for quite awhile says heat pumps work great there in the summer. Ours is 16 SEER and according to this article...
"Can Heat Pumps Cool Efficiently?
Heat pumps can be just as efficient for cooling during the summer as air conditioners are. A model rated for 16 SEER will perform just as well as an air conditioner rated for 16 SEER."

I read it on the internet so it must be true, right? We shall see on Sunday...


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Had Bend Heating install a 15,000 BTU Mitsubishi ductless mini-split in our modest 1100 sq' mountain home last month. Few days after install we hit 97, the unit kept our house at 74 cruising along on lower fan settings. Both outside condensor and inside air handler are surprisingly quiet. $3800 installed (I ran the dedicated 15A circuit), so highly affordable cooling solution.

It sure the hell isn't going to get any cooler moving forward...and as to the coming water wars ...likely the Klamth Basin will see the first major one

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