Sekiu report?


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Has anyone fished or heard any reports from Seiku recently? I'm thinking about going out there this weekend but I'm not sure if it'll be worth the drive & boat rental. Any help would be appreciated.
Did anyone go out last week? I'm headed out there tomorrow. I heard secondhand that some big ocean silvers were being caught and the WDFW report shows about a coho per angler last week, but don't have any first hand reports. I think it is the Sekui derby this weekend so it may be busy. We usually camp out at Olsen's up by the trailer storage area on the hill to the west of the office.
Fished Sekiu Friday and Saturday because of the good reports in the paper and on the net. In short, it was a bust. We got into a few bucktailing and casting Friday morning, as well as a few more on downriggers later in the day as a last resort to fill the freezer. Saturday morning was very flat and the consensus on the dock was that fishing was poor. Guess we missed the lastest push of fish...oh well, at least the weather was nice.
We had much the same experience on Friday and Saturday. Went to cone head flies and fast sinking tips and dredged some fish up from 60 to 90 feet, but it was one of the slowest weekends I have ever sen out there for flies. Even the bait guys were having a hard time on Saturday. We got a couple of nice fish on Friday, one over 15lbs that would have put us in the derby money had we caught it Saturday, but surface fish were few and far between.

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