Fishing for Spawning Bass

N. Metz

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After reading the thread in the Steelhead forum about fishing for spawning steelhead, I got curious as to everyone's thoughts and/or feelings about fishing for largemouth bass that are just about to spawn or are spawning. I am not talking about looking for a bass sitting on it's nest and sight fishing for them. More along the lines of just fishing shallow knowing that they're in shallow because they're getting ready to get it on. In past years, fishing for largemouth opened at the end of May here in Minnesota. However, the past few years, a catch and release season opens 2 weeks prior to the actual season.

The thinking behind the late May opener is that they should be done spawning by then. However, the 2 week catch and release season sort of goes against that mentality.

Let's all be civil, no need to take after the steelhead forum :)



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I would probably feel different if I fished in a place where they are native, but here in the PNW I see no negative to harassing largemouth in their breeding area. When I was a kid we started fishing for them in march. when they start moving into the shallows they get really aggressive, and that's where the fun is for me. As fun as that is, I would not be disappointed to hear that the populations were declining here.

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